Boardwalk Chic

I swore I would never bother with a blog. "Who has time for that...and for what??!" was always the reigning thought in my head. I was always adamant about absolutely NOT doing this. Lol. But then it occurred to me that something should accompany my jewelry. It occurred to me that some of the pieces I make may not be the easiest to pair (I mean...many are pretty eclectic) and that showcasing them not just as products for sale but as actual relatable pieces that easily translate into everyday life could actually stand to be useful. And so here we are... my first blog post... OK, here we go...We're really doing this.... OK, here we go...foreal this time... Welcome!

A LOT (almost all) of the pieces in the Rock Paper Chic collection are never actually planned or, quite frankly, are thought up 5 minutes before I start working on them. There are times when I am literally free-styling as I am crafting something. And I personally like it that way. The earrings being worn here, happen to be such a pair. I had extra resin left over and did not want to waste it. Resin can be expensive - at least the jewelry grade brand I am currently using is. I set out on a mission to see what I could do with it, and so Usafi was born (insert 'Lion King' Simba birth cry here).   

Instead of rambling on, I'd like you to take a stroll with me along the Coney Island boardwalk, and imagine it's a beautiful sunny afternoon and you are surrounded by great company and are wearing the perfect summer outfit because it pairs so wonderfully with your perfectly chic earrings.  

And we're walking... 

This particular piece is an easy pair because of it's neutral coloration. Black and brass are bound to go with anything and I very well could have paired them with anything else but I have a thing for black on black. Some may think it's a bit much - too dark, insert pop of color here - but I think it gives a certain edge. It also makes for a simple, clean, and sophisticated look that becomes very flexible. So I decided to stick with all neutrals here and let the accessories do the talking.


And we're smiling... 

And scene!

This is an outfit that would actually pair nicely with quite a few of our pieces, in particular those from the new Tuxedo Collection - in case it isn't already apparent, I'm a bit smitten with black and white color schemes and patterning. Of course you can also mix things up with whatever colors you want. I would, however, suggest keeping a bit of black in the outfit so as to keep some of the attention your gorgeous self will attract, drawn to the earrings!

Hopefully this provides you with some ideas as to how you can come up with your own Chic Pairing! Until next time...

Outfit Deets:

Top: Zara (old)

Shorts: Ann Taylor LOFT (old)

Shoes: Nine West (old)

Bag: J & Y Leather Creations (a husband and wife team who design and make the most fantastic leather goods)

Watch: Invicta 

Earrings: Rock Paper Chic

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