End of Summer Blues...

Well here we are. Fall. As of this weekend it is summer no more. It's still crazy to me how quickly it all flew by and that now the inevitable cold of winter will soon be upon us. But since I actually love fall time in NYC, let's commemorate this first weekend by taking it back a bit to one of my favorite looks that just so happens to be great for both summer and early fall. 

I spent the "last weekend of the summer," also known as Labor Day weekend, dressed up and enjoying good company and decided to wear some of my favorite pieces - including of course, a pair of earrings from the collection.

Let's jump right in, shall we?!

I've been pleased to find that our 'Ushindi' earrings pair wonderfully with a variety of patterns and styles. Naturally, the black and white coloration means they can go with just about any other color but the intricate marbled patterning may make some hesitant to throw these on with other patterns and textures.

Take my word for it, there is nothing to fear! I've paired these earrings with everything from animal prints to the intricate textured embroidery and patterns of this look. They truly are a fun, versatile pair.


These earrings are already bold on their own but I found the nice pop of blue (or any other vivid shade) really accentuated things and drew more attention to my ear wear.

The day these pictures were taken it was a bit on the cool side here in NYC but even without the blue cardigan, 'Ushindi' definitely brings a chic vibe to an otherwise simple outfit - and a normal pairing between a black tank and white cropped trousers is instantly brought to life.

Of course, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the gorgeous heels on my feet! I have always been drawn to them because of the eclectic mix of patterns and colors and this is also the reason why they work so well here. 


As you can probably tell, I wanted to play with shades and textures with this outfit while still keeping the earrings as a major player. 'Ushindi' is one of those pieces that is very flexible in this way.

Being someone who primarily enjoys wearing flats, I was pleased to see that this outfit came together just as nicely with a pair of one of my go to black patent leather loafers - a great example of the casual, everyday wear potential of these earrings. 

Needless to say, this Chic Pairing definitely had me feeling myself. It was a classic, yet bold look, perfect for chill weekend festivities. Until next time folks, stay Chic! 


Cardigan: Chico's

Tank: Ann Taylor LOFT (old, but something similar should be easy enough to find)

Trousers: JC Penny, old (This store is so underrated! Lol)

Shoes: Heels: Zara; Flats: Nine West (both old)

Bag: Ralph Lauren 

Watch: Invicta (gifted, old)

Earrings: Rock Paper Chic






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