I Think I'm Falling for You...

It may be December but it is still technically Fall here in NYC and I am still here for all the fall vibes and colors. So I'll bring you back to this particular day, when I'd decided to grab my favorite photographer friend and head to Brooklyn's Domino Park for some creative fun.

I decided to pair RPC's Burnt Crescent earrings with subdued olive, golden yellow, and a bit of snakeskin. As you may well be able to tell by now, and as I've probably mentioned before, I love mixing patterns and colors. Rock Paper Chic offers quite the eclectic mix, and part of the fun is always deciding how best to throw together an outfit that pops. Many of the colors for the pieces are chosen with possible pairings in mind. And it is because of this that pieces are often never just one color (or material) and if so, are generally colors that go well with many others.

See what I came up with by using the earring's burnt orange coloration as the base for a bold mix of fall colors and make sure to have some fun with your own chic pairing! 

Burnt orange tasseled earrings, fashion blog post


I decided to add to the mix, our 'In Chains' cuff which came together nicely with the earrings and shoes. Rather than go with a similarly colored bag, I chose to go with a neutral snakeskin because a) I love the bag, b) I love snakeskin anything, and c) I many times like for my bag to standout from the outfit in a way that draws attention, yet does not clash. Enter, the snakeskin crossbody!


 Burnt orange tasseled earrings, stamped leather cuff, fashion blog post


Needless to say, 'Burnt Crescent' is a very versatile pair that stands out on its own but still makes room for other accessories to shine. Perfect for making a statement this holiday season... IJS ;-)


Burnt orange tasseled earrings, fashion blog post


Top: New York & Co (last season)

Cargo trousers: H&M (old)

Shoes: Zara (old)

Bag: Michael Kors (last season)

Earrings: Rock Paper Chic

Cuff: Rock Paper Chic

Watch: Invicta (old, gifted)

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